After another mauling off the unbeaten Champions Elton Vale the match underlined where our strengths and weaknesses lie . Though in the first half we had 6/7 efforts on goal , the second half was a different story . Defensively we were all at sea and our lack of understanding of how to play both an attack pushing on and being able to deal with late runs was all too apparent .
A league table doesn't lie as they say and a third position in a predominantly U18 League was a true reflection of where we are and I said at the start of the season that it would probably be a season of consolidation until next season when our U17 team bar one will be much the wiser for the experience when we will be one of the older teams .

We started this game with 8 men in a 3 - 3 - 1 formation and incredibly went into a 1-0 lead when Lewis found the marauding Quinns head to beat the keeper .
Jamie then pulled off three good saves but in between this the opposition drew level when their best player the number 9 shot from 25 yards out .
We got back to 9 men when Dan arrived after half an hour but the lads have to be applauded for holding their own in the meantime .