We started this game with 8 men in a 3 - 3 - 1 formation and incredibly went into a 1-0 lead when Lewis found the marauding Quinns head to beat the keeper .
Jamie then pulled off three good saves but in between this the opposition drew level when their best player the number 9 shot from 25 yards out .
We got back to 9 men when Dan arrived after half an hour but the lads have to be applauded for holding their own in the meantime .

We almost went back in the lead when O put in Dev for a cast iron goal but inexplicably the ball ran away from him without a shot being fired . Just as I said to Darren he will score the hard one Dev made amends with quick feet in the box to beat his man and fire into the net to make it 2-1 at half time .
Thankfully for the lads Samir turned up at half time to make it more even with us now having 10 men and this it has to be said is the first time in our 10 plus years together that we have not had a full team out .
Soon after half time Lewis found Quinn with a through ball cutting out the full back for the latter to fire us into a 3-1 lead .
Dev then made a great run ending with a good shot which the keeper saved before Lewis once again finding Quinn to absolutely hammer the ball home for a certain goal . It was not to be as the keeper made an outstanding save with an immensely strong hand to stop the cannonball of a shot .
Two lapses in our three man defence allowed two free headers and two goals for Oldham as they drew level .
We were still the better team however and getting a good number of shots on goal and sure enough after Lewis had screwed the ball wide the latter after being put in by Jack found Devan who swivelled on the ball to again score a difficult goal which required great technique . If Dev now gets the movement off the ball right he will be superb and another player who could move to a higher level .
After Quinn missed a sitter where composure versus power was required Lewis found Dev sprinting down the right and to finish a beautiful move O made a 40 yard run to the edge of the box to pass the ball sidefoot into the net to make it a fantastic 5-3 victory against the odds .
Excellent lads , well done